How we buy an Indie Movie for £15

What will members do?

From 2009 we will start buying a slate of independent movies, as chosen by our members. The acquisitions will be funded by the Club’s members who have decided to invest £15 each into the voted for movie. This may not sound much money, but for every thousand members that adds £15,000 to the pot. So a few thousand members enables us to acquire some decent indie movies.

We will then Release these movies at cinemas across the UK and Ireland and then on DVD, with members making all the all the key decisions affecting the movie and its promotion.


TheMoviesClub is a member driven movie distributor.

  • TheMoviesClub is owned by its shareholders. It is open to anyone who registers as a member or subscribes as a shareholder. As a shareholder, you make all the decisions, such as which movie to buy and where it will be shown.


What say do members have?

  • It’s an equal Community. Everyone has One Share, One Vote.
  • All equal partners. If you own a share then no one else has more power than you. Members will be able to discuss and have an equal vote on movie selection, acquisition, marketing, promotion, and all key decisions on the running of the club all through the website.


It’s a way for you to get involved in film

  • Pick the film
  • Buy the rights
  • Select where or how it is distributed
  • Watch it perform
  • Share any returns


And we offer you help if you need it, through various forums, and events.