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TheMoviesClub is a member driven movie distributor, with a ready-made fan base of thousands.

Using microfinance to enable shareholders to buy a real movie for only £15. Below we explain each stage from being a member, to the rewards from owning your own movie.


  1. Share

    ShareYou can become a shareholder and own and distribute a movie for just £15. Or you can get involved in the discussion forum about independent movies for free by simply registering as a member.

    Post your Movie Idea – from movies that won Cannes film festival to movies we’ve never even heard of.

  1. Vote

    OwnAs a shareholder you get to vote on which movie to buy. We will show you which movies are available to buy and once you have looked at the reviews just cast your vote.

    Check out other people’s suggestions and vote on the ones you like best. The community votes. The community decides.

  1. Discuss

    OwnCo-own a variety of movies. Full involvement throughout the release of your movie, onto the big screen.

    Talk about ideas with other members and shareholders and help make them even better.

  1. Reward

    RewardMembers decide how all profits are split between re-investing and a dividend reward for you. Plus there are some nice perks such as Premieres and involvement in the movie industry.

    The proof is in the pudding. The Movies released are as chosen by our members, who are involved all the way as they hit the big screen. And we see hot much money they will make.