The idea is a simple one. Using the power of microfinance to buy and release movies. After an initial period where people join the Club as a member or shareholder, we will start buying great independent movies that you choose. We will start with one film, Buy it, then Release it at cinemas across the UK, and on DVD. And repeat. Shareholders will make all the key decisions affecting the movie and its promotion.

TheMoviesClub is a member driven movie studio.

  • A movie distributor owned by its members – You!
  • Open to anyone who signs up to be an Member
  • You make all the decisions – which movie to pick and where it will be shown
  • Owner Members have an equal share of the chosen movie and share in any profits Web Members will enjoy many of the same thrills as Owner Members but without the chance of a financial return.
  • What is unique is that it is built entirely on the concept that the fans know best, the collective decision making power that our members have, will ensure success for many years to come.

For example

  • Say 10,000 people become shareholders with each paying a £15 annual subscription.
  • Say the cost of buying a film and releasing costs £100,000 leaving £50,000 in reserve.
  • If the movie we release is not a big success and earns £40,000 revenue, then shareholders are left with a pot of £90,000 to decide what to do next. If it is a success and returns are £140,000, then the total pot is then £190,000.
  • So picking a success enables the club to buy more and bigger films.
  • Picking films which aren’t successful means that either the next film is much smaller or shareholders have to wait until period’s subscription to raise more funds

What movies can we buy?

  • Our aim is with the members, we will be able to buy a slate of great independent movies that you choose. Each we hope more successful than before. Importantly, Members will make all the key decisions affecting the movie and its promotion.
  • The choice is surprisingly wide. Maybe a little USA indie, like Half Nelson, or a great foreign title like The Lives of Others, or something home grown like Control. All independent movies. The choice will be yours which movie to buy.
  • Importantly we can make a difference. It’s not about major studio movies. It’s about helping indies. So we will also pick up some small gems, that perhaps started life at a film festival, and is sitting on a shelf, waiting for us to pick up the movie.