About The Movies Club

The Movies Club is a Movie Co-Operative founded by some nice people. Andy, Desigan and John.

Setup in 2008 TheMoviesClub creates a new microfinance initiative for managing movies.

We believe we have a fresh concept, based on the wisdom of crowds, that 10,000 members know more than one movie mogul.
TheMoviesClub will challenge a lot of the existing rules, for the better. After all the fat cats are not doing too well recently.

  • Why was TheMoviesClub created?

    Director Alan Parker himself stated that the future of the movie industry lay in the evolving of distribution and TheMoviesClub is is the first step for a different business model to take the industry away from reliance on major studios for successful movie releases.

    The time has come for a new collaborative approach to releasing movies. Independent movies need a new business model. Wisdom of the crowds, so to speak. We believe that fans know more than fat cats.

  • We believe that the Fans know best.

    Like the Music industry the existing business models in the movie industry are broken. A new approach to releasing movies is needed. Shareholders will have a voice in how major issues are handled including deciding what movies are acquired, and how they are released. The idea of joint ownership enabled by web.

    TheMoviesClub sets out to prove that social commerce can work better than existing traditional models. After all it does work already in other sectors. Barcelona football club have not done too badly using a similar membership co-operative model.